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Betfred Owner Fred Done Cast in the Role of Scrooge

Betfred Owner Fred Done is given the title of Scrooge by employees who have been told they will have to take a pay cut, will have wages linked to the success of FOBTs and will have to work late on Christmas Eve.

The Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) has picked up the tagline of the most heinous piece of machinery to line the High Streets of the UK…well that’s if the cries for help are to be believed pouring out of the tabloid press.


The pressure is on David Cameron to take a long hard luck at all the noise, with rumors of money laundering and debt ridden communities blowing all their dough on the £100 a spin machines.

So with all of the screaming and shouting one would expect the local bookmakers to be doing everything in their power to quiet the racket?

Well that’s not quite true when it comes to Betfred…

The Guardian has run a story that says hundreds of staff at Betfred have been told in a memo, just weeks before Christmas, that they are going to have to suffer a pay cut by several hundreds of pounds a month, and that their future earnings will be linked to the performance of the FOBTs.

In a move that will pile pressure on the employees to push more people towards the FOBTs, the Guardian notes that managers who do a good job of pushing punters towards these machines can earn £9 per hour, while those that don’t will see their pay dwindle to £7.75. All other staff – assistants and cashiers – will be on £6.31 or above.

“{Bosses} will be at home enjoying his turkey while minions work their *** off.” Came one quote from a social media source.

The Betfred brothers are worth an estimated £850m, and last years sales were up to £6.7bn, from £4.1bn the year before.

To ease the situation Betfred owner Fred Done has sent a Christmas card to every single employee that shows him wearing a festive hat…that should solve everything then.